As the high quality of locks and on time delivery , Shayankav was encouraged to invest for another ''AUTOPART'', it was done according to Iranian Car Manufacture request, so the technical knowledge , moulds and machineries were supplied to do that according to their specified standards.
Cigarette Lighter for Pride (FORD FESTIVA)
Two types of cigarette lighter , one is blue ringed with LED lamp good for Pride 132 and another is green light with ordinary lamp good for other type of Pride car.
Relay Timer & Flasher(equipped to air bag)
Pride Car Digital Clock
This part benefits from VFD technology and currently is ready for mass production in Shayankav since it passed its moulding , designing and tests.
Automatic Antenna for Pride (FORD FESTIVA)
The electrical Antenna which are used in different vehicles have many erosions due to mechanical friction, so on simple and small electronic board designed as an invention which has a good S/N ratio, good bandwidth , perfect matching and amplifying in rtunners .This antenna has about 100 grams weight and about 65% price off compared to the ordinary electrical antenna.