Shayankav Co.
No.4 Varavini St. Soleyman Khater Ave., Mottahari St. Tehran 157576.Iran
Tel:+98 21 88811380 & 88323068-9
Fax:+98 21 88820345

Address: 1#Narvan St. ,2nd Phase , Industrial town , Rafsanjan- Iran. P.O.Box 77175-473
Telefax: +98 391 8222350 & 8224104-5

Company’s Profile

Shayankav Company was established in Rafsanjan - 110 kilometers on the west of the city of Kerman, initially aimed to produce lock cylinders for residences which gradually proceeded to manufacture other “Auto Parts”; the shareholders also have been passionately encouraging the directors to invest even more on the before-mentioned issue. Highly qualified engineering team, best quality raw materials and low cost labor have all led Shayankav towards overcoming the challenges of accomplishing arduous projects with wide-range applications.

1-1 System Modeling, done by using analytic and experimental procedures.
1-2 Error budgeting by utilizing “Monte Carlo” simulation.
1-3 Sophisticated quality control methods by taking advantage of “Hardware in Loop” simulation.
1-4 Developing manufacturing technology for the parts and sub-assemblies in order to provide O.P.C layouts and other essential documents like FMEA,APQP,PAPP,…which in turn leads to special standards such as ISO 9001, ISO/TS 16949

R&D Activities
2-1 Designing a complete assembly line including special tools and fixtures.
2-2 Designing machineries according to the technology needed.
2-3 Equipping a Research & Development department for new products and options good for customer satisfaction.
2-4 Receiving the customer's feedbacks and developing proper answers for them
3.Performance and Development
3-1 Developing the Q.C and Q.A programs for lines or systems according to customers’ requirements and aimed to their needs & satisfaction.
3-2 Designing a special test system; the laboratory has been equipped with necessary test machines and standard devices.
3-3 Performing all the tests needed for every product according to its standard and/or customers’ special requests.

Production Line
Shayankav is focused on producing “Car Lock Sets” and has taken advantage of unique, high tolerance machineries, devices and accessories according to their standard or designed O.P.C, highly recommended for “Car Lock Sets” production, like Pride (Iranian Ford Festive) , Nissan Vans , Samand, Paykan Vans,etc..
The “Cigarette Lighter” manufacturing site has also been planned, installed and started up with all required machineries as well as molds.
Competent engineering team, progressive machineries, high quality materials, efficient tools, fully equipped shops, skilful personnel and remarkable Q.C and Q. A departments assure the company to claim that its attention is now focused on:

* High quality
* In time delivery
* Competitive prices
* Advanced design
* Requested Quantity

The main production line (one factory 7000 m^2, and the other 10500 m^2) are located in Rafsanjan and Meshad one injection shop together with two mold shops are also located in Tehran.
220 workers, 12 semi-skilled workers, 10 skilled workers and 18 engineers are presently working in Shayankav.